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bookaneer 4 years ago
happened to me as well. I'm just waiting to see if things fix themselves eventually.
Petra's post set off a flurry of activity, I suspect. One of the people at LM emailed me and said it this weekend was a soft release.
Debbie's Spurts 4 years ago
Yes, this weekend is their first time being open to public. My profile emptied also. It sort of comes and goes. I don't think it's permanent; just hard hit this weekend (I get the impression there were browser specific issues they are also having to fix, so maybe their closed group testing prior going public didn't see a lot of devices/browsers or have a big enough pool of testers to test being swamped with data all at once).
I find it won't work if I hit "sign in," but if I retype the password and then hit enter, that seems to.
Steve McKinney 4 years ago
Many thanks for the responses, everyone! Clearly it's not just me. :-) I knew that leafmarks was new, but hadn't quite grasped *how* new. What I've seen so far looks promising, and the import worked like a charm. I guess I'll just sit tight and see what develops.
Steve McKinney 4 years ago
Hey, it's working now! I added some information to my profile and it stuck. Yay!