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Elentarri's Book Blog 4 years ago
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
I agree!
Really idyllic. If it's not an exceptionally warm and mild spring day, she might end up with a cold (I know, I know, being boring and prosaic here), but oh, the sacrifices we make for art and beauty!

Love the interplay of the colors. And for a 1901 painting, it's daring to show this much skin, particularly in a painting not expressly designated a "nude". Then again, this is still a far cry from what got the Victorians so upset about Manet's "Olympia" ...

Really, really great selections, all four that you've posted so far. I'm loving everyone of them ... and that you're doing this at all!
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
I'm glad you're enjoying the selections! I'm having fun choosing them each day.

You are not being boring or prosaic. I love reading the variety of commentary each post brings.

This has a spring is on the way feel for me and fits the day/weather perfectly here :)
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
:D I'm so glad!