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The only relief about these bits is that Graham is including them to expose the attitude, not because she shares it!
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
True, but it doesn't make it much easier to read.
Very true in turn.
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
I'm just so glad they decided to not go this route with the tv version. Though, I think they tried it out a bit in the first season. But even then, it was nothing like this.
No -- Troy was so adorable ever after, and they didn't inflict this sort of nonsense on any of his successors, fortunately!

And yet there he is, even in the final book actually written by Graham, not having learned a single thing ...
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
And I know I mentioned this before, but when reading these books, I can picture all of the characters as they appear on TV, except for Troy. They are so far removed from one another that it's impossible. For which I am glad. I don't want the adorable tv!Troy sullied by his book counterpart.

I'm still making my way through the series. I've got one more episode with Nelson before I get to meet to new sergeant. Shame, they always seem to go away just as I've gotten good and attached to them.
I know, I feel the same way! I used the most recent episodes as part of my pandemic comfort watching ... I think I'm just about caught up now.
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
Me too. I'm about to finish season 18, so I still have a few more to go. (I'm watching these via AcornTV.

My tv has the Pluto tv app, and they have a dedicated Midsomer Murders channel. It only shows the first 13 season, though. I often put it on there and just let it play all day.
Oooh, what a wonderful thing. I'd do the same thing if I had that channel!
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
As a result, I'm way more familiar with the first 13 seasons, lol.

Episode 3.03 is on now. The one with a very young Orlando Bloom in it!
Oooh! :D

And yeah. I've watched the first four or five seasons way more often than all of the rest, too.