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Elentarri's Book Blog 4 years ago
Fan or rapier? Which do we take to the party... :) Hideous dress BTW. What's with the swatch of material wrapped around the woman's knees. How can you walk like that?
Wasn't that kind of the point? :)
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
I think the dress is pretty.
The material around her knees makes it a bit busy (I'd have preferred it to be in the same dark purple as most of the rest of the dress if it has to exist for fashion purposes). But other than that, I like the dress as well. And I like the composition of the painting, too!
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
I wish we could see the back of the dress a bit more. I'm curious as to how the material looks gathered at the back. It seems to move upward towards her waist.
Jennifer's Books 4 years ago
@Elentarri...I'd maybe take both. ;)
Yes to both you comments! :)