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Murder by Death 10 months ago
I'm confused - there's more than one way to pronounce tier in English? I've never heard anything but teer? :off to google:
Murder by Death 10 months ago
Ok... I found a Cambridge pronunciation that sounds like 'teeah', which is probably something I've heard before but was similar enough to 'teer' that it didn't register. Interesting.
Tannat 10 months ago
Sorry I meant the tier in Pelletier. I'll edit my review to add her full name in that reference. Didn't mean to send you down a rabbit hole...
Murder by Death 10 months ago
Oh! That makes COMPLETE sense. It would have grated on my ears too. Now I can see the "tiay"; that's how I'd pronounce in myself in Pelletier.

And the rabbit hole was educational. :)