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My favorite Heyer by far ... not only because of the cleverly done mystery but also because of the characters. Not least the couple that ends up coming together -- for once, a Heyer romance subplot that truly works for me. (Though he's an ass for persisting with blondie way beyond the point of his own endurance, just to spite everybody else.)
Tannat 10 months ago
I did enjoy this one, but I still have a fond spot for the first Heyer mystery I read. I think it was Footsteps in the Dark. But I agree, the characters were great, but yeah Stephen? was such an ass.
"Footsteps in the Dark" is still sitting on my TBR. Though your endorsement is noted!
Tannat 10 months ago
It was my first introduction to non-regency romance Heyer (I can't stand her regency romances).
I haven't tried any of these (and am unlikely to).
Tannat 10 months ago
I tried one as part of a buddy read....and it did not go well.
Buddy read or not, I suspect that would be my response as well!