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I love that first chapter. Hope you're going to continue enjoying it!
Tannat 2 years ago
Yes, I hope so too.
BrokenTune 2 years ago
A promising start. :D The Mary Stuart bit made me laugh, too.
Tannat 2 years ago
Mike Finn 2 years ago
I really liked the prickly boredom thing and I always enjoy someone giving an informed but unsympathetic view of a popular historical figure.

I thought Richard I got off lightly. Richard wasn't really an English King, just the King of England. He spoke French and Occitane but not English. He spent most of his time outside of the country, using England only as a source of revenue. He was a vicious war commander, known for cutting off the right hands of men in cities that surrendered to him, he killed 2,000 Muslims that he'd taken as hostages when he was worried the war wouldn't go his way. He presided over some of the worst pogroms in England, including the massacre at York,. He was suspected of having one of his allies, Conrad of Montferrat, assassinated. He also failed to hold any land that he conquered. This must be why we have a statue of him in front of the House Of Commnons.
Tannat 2 years ago
I just got to that part! I'm afraid I don't have much of an opinion of him tbh other than recognizing that he spent much time away. To be fair, Grant did have to tone it down in order to get his hands on the history books.
Tannat 2 years ago
The Amazon probably gets her rosy idea of him from stories of Robin Hood anyway.