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Dreaming Hour 5 years ago
Too bad for Josh Grayson... The cover is pretty and the premise sounded nice. But amnesia does NOT work like that, bleh.
Yeah. :/ It has such a beautiful cover and it sounded like just my kind of potential chick-lit, but it was just executed really poorly--and Sia just wasn't likeable as a main character. She had a moment of growth at the very end, I suppose, but it wasn't enough to erase all her judgmental meltdowns in the rest of the book. It's a darn shame. :/
Dreaming Hour 5 years ago
I feel that way about more and more romances I read, it's too bad. I used to really enjoy them.
Seems to be another one for the "pretty cover, shitty story" pile. Sorry this one was a let down!
Yep. :( Cover fraud! Ah well--now his only goal should be to make his stories as nice as his covers...