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Blue Pill. Transformers. IDW continuity. If I lived there, I wouldn't want to come back. Sneak about the Lost Light, hump my way through the whole damn crew, then work my way through the bots on Cybertron when we get back there.
Nice loophole!
For the pink pill...doesn't it kind of negate the point if the protagonist is a zombie? O.O If you bring them back to life only to have them die again, it just means they become a zombie again...right? Unless it's permadeath and then they're gone for good.

That would be unfortunate. =/

I'd choose blue or green pill, likely. But I'd have to think about my answer on those.
Blue pill!! Here I come, Middle Earth!!!
I like the green pill most because you don't really have *much* of a negative outcome through it. Plus, realistically speaking, it's the only one I would be willing to have the negative effect in order to achieve the positive. Terrible as it sounds, I don't really care if Rachel Hawkins or Suzanne Collins hate me--I will have made the books better in my mind, and I am perfectly okay with that. (;

(Though I might be willing to use that pink pill in Hex Hall as well. *cough*)