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Happy Booker 4 years ago
Yes I agree. He's written a couple reviews in the past couple years about books he REALLY loved, like Leven Thumps and Janitors. But he always questions what all he should put in a review which is why I wanted to write a kind of template for him.
Her Fine Eyes 4 years ago
Ohmigosh yay for you and your 12-year-old reader! I'd move the question "What is the story about; what is the main character trying to do?" to a higher position, because that's really the heart of literature (John Gardner essentially says "plot is how the character changes.") And I'd be careful about any "likable" questions regarding characters. Likability isn't necessary for a book to be great, so maybe what we need to know is *why* the characters behaved the way they did, good or bad. This post warms my heart!
Happy Booker 4 years ago
Thanks! Those are some great suggestions. The likable questions are more specifically for him, I want him to explore the reasons why he feels a certain way about the characters and of course I want to try to keep it simple at the same time. But you're right for the purpose of writing a better review. I definitely want to add what you said about exploring the characters motivations though. I'm always interested in how he relates to characters and the story.