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Her Fine Eyes 4 years ago
I'm listening to this right now! For me Eyre's narration is a little wobbly and definitely flawed in places, but her commitment and enthusiasm somehow make up for it, so I'm still enjoying her performance. Hmm, or maybe it's Rutkoski's writing pulling her along. What I notice is that Eyre's Valorian accent is different between characters. General Trajan's slips into near-Irish at times. Also, Eyre has a way of almost groan-grunting the end of each sentence when she reaches the period, like she's pushing the last out with her diaphragm, which could be distracting if the material weren't so fascinating.
Happy Booker 4 years ago
I'm sorry you're not enjoying the narration as much as I did. I didn't notice the groan-grunting thing but reading what you wrote did make me chuckle!
Her Fine Eyes 4 years ago
Oh, no, I'm totally enjoying it! Finding flaws is part of the fun for me. :)