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Jamie's Book Blog 6 years ago
Going to have to look into that one, sounds very interesting. I won a free book on goodreads titled The Boy Who Lived With Ghosts by John Mitchell. I thought I was getting a ghost story but it turns out the ghost were metaphors for his childhood ghosts, living in horrible poverty, dealing with mental illness in the family etc. Was a very good memoir and extremely funny. It's just the way he tells it, you laugh so hard yet feel so bad for laughing because it's not a laughing matter but his narrative just makes it so funny. Was a great way to lighten up some very dark subjects. I've never seen an author reconnect with their childhood voice so well. The author has over 100k likes on Facebook which I find amazing and he's a huge inspiration to me. Sorry, this just kind of reminded me of that plus I like to tell people about a book that touched my heart in so many ways
. Awesome review, thank you.
The Hiding Spot 6 years ago
Hi Jamie! That sounds like something I might like! It's a memoir then? I'll have to look into it... Thank you for the recommendation!
Jamie's Book Blog 6 years ago
Yes basically but it's told in a narrative from his childhood self, I think when he was 8 or 9 years old, I thought it was very good and you're very welcome. I'm definitely going to be getting Where the Moon Isn't soon, once I get paid lol. Running over my self allocated book fund this week hehe