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Tami 5 years ago
Favoirite romance re-reads - especially the ones with humor. If I really don't want to be bothered, I try to stick with well-known authors and well-edited books, because somehow bad editing gets worse with re-reads for me...
Ami's Hoard 5 years ago
Like Kate, I will read short fanfics ... maybe under 20k. I am also quite busy right now, though I can still sneak in few chapters a day (thanks to the ability to read at the office, you know, in between answering emails and meetings LOL). But yeah, short fanfic ... I have no issues with short ones (I know you like long stories) but they're like snacks that I can nibble in between long books.
When even fanfic feels like too much of a challenge? Other people's reviews of books I love or hate can be entertaining (and short). And then if they are so, so right, I might look at what else they loved and add it to my TBR list.
TTG 5 years ago
Thanks, guys! I'll try this short fanfic route and see how that goes...