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Fantastic review! I look forward to more of your reviews now :-)
Unimportant Musings 5 years ago
Thanks, buddy. There was a bit more I wanted to say, and a few more examples I wanted to add to justify my tagging the review as "hilarious." At the same time, I didn't want to risk the thing becoming sentient and smothering us all to death with words. A tough decision!
Unimportant Musings 5 years ago
Out of morbid curiosity, just in case my memory blew things out of proportion like it sometimes likes to do, I went back and started watching the 1990 movie. 15 seconds later, I started skipping scenes and got so I skimmed three hours of it in a minute. Did they even try, even just a little? What an offensive waste of potential.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Great review!
Unimportant Musings 5 years ago
You are blowing up my notifications lately, and I love it! This review sure was fun to write, nothing less than this book deserves.