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Lydia's Page 8 years ago
I love this one and I love Rebecca... Hadn't thought about their similarities, though!
Unabridged Chick 8 years ago
It was a passage in WSS where Antoinette dreams of visiting the burned down Coulibri that I thought of it. And both are trapped by their marriages, although ostensibly Rebecca's narrator fares far better than Antoinette. So much for me to chew over with WSS -- really fab.
Merle 8 years ago
Antoinette has her similarities to Rebecca herself though (and Jane to the narrator in Rebecca). I see Rebecca as a character who's judged harshly based on gender expectations at the time - her appetite for sex seems to be a large part of her villainy. I'll bet she could be rehabilitated as well as Bertha is here.
BrokenTune 8 years ago
Me, too! Love both WSS and Rebecca, but had not considered the similarities until your review.