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There are a bunch of thrillers based on the 2012 end of the world hoopla but I can't think of pure horror.
How long is the vacation?
Valancourt Books 4 years ago
It's about 7 days of backpacking and bus rides across the area.
Ereader or hard copy? Weight and space will matter.
Valancourt Books 4 years ago
I'll have my iPad Mini but I can bring two small or one large paperback with me. I'm only bringing a backpack, no suitcase!
Okay, looking at your bookshelves, I'd say focus on ebooks (I've never used an ipad but will assume it holds a few books).
1 Stephen King you've never read.
High Moor by Graeme Reynolds (werewolves in the woods, just what you need and not too long)
A paperback from a used book store that you feel attracted to, without knowing anything about it.

If you're a fast reader maybe a couple more ebooks, but backpacking shouldn't leave loads of time for reading.
Valancourt Books 4 years ago
Thanks for the High Moor rec! I'm not familiar with that author but the book looks fun. Adding it to my shelf.
I loved it. Serious werewolf story, the kind where people get hurt. No one is exempt.
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
I too thought High Moor was pretty good. Another excellent werewolf tale is Robert McCammon's The Wolf's Hour.
I hadn't heard of that one... *clicks on another sample*
Valancourt Books 4 years ago
Love McCammon but haven't read The Wolf's Hour. Might have it already though so I'll look for it.
Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
He's a HOT tall, dark hair, green eyed, werewolf and spy during WWII. Yeah. Good stuff. :)
Everything except WW2... I have an aversion there. I sent for the sample anyway.

Meanwhile, I googled Mayan Horror and found this boxed set. Can't vouce for quality, but samples are your friend.

Char's Horror Corner 4 years ago
I can't think of any but I hope you guys have a great time. :)