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Wanda's Book Reviews 5 years ago
I get a teeny bit obsessive over my lists! The trick is to then read from each of them. Keeps my reading life interesting!
BrokenTune 5 years ago
I have total admiration or anyone who can stick to lists! :)
Char's Horror Corner 5 years ago
Good luck!
Olga Godim 5 years ago
I never make reading lists. Lists for me associate with things to do. Don't want to put reading in this category. But I respect those who stick to their lists. It takes some determination I obviously lack.
Wanda's Book Reviews 5 years ago
I can totally understand that for some it could feel like work--I finally quit a volunteer position that had started to feel like work instead of like fun. If it ever gets to that point with reading, I too will crumple & throw out the list!