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Moonlight Snow 2 years ago
This book is so much fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!
Wanda's Book Reviews 2 years ago
Yes! Its good to be starting a good new series as I reach the end of some of my favourites.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
Glad you found a new series!

I finished this series; the final book was actually one of the best finales I've read in a long time; I had no clue where he had been going with the series. The third book did go glum/grim/hopeless too long for me to really say I "enjoyed" it -- but I was engrossed.

I did flat out enjoy the hell out of Smudge's original series that started with Goblin Quest. But, it's an utterly different series with no connection beyond Smudge. Some fart-level humor, almost a spoof of traditional fantasy books, not nearly as "deep" as Magic Ex Libris books, read by someone with a warped sense of humor.
Wanda's Book Reviews 2 years ago
Good to know, Debbie! Thanks. :)