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Person Of Interest 3 years ago
Owen Grayson? Estep must have been a fan of the TV series Drop Dead Diva because Jane/Deb's two love interests on the show were Grayson and Owen. :)
Wanda's Book Reviews 3 years ago
Entirely possible! Not being a TV watcher, I would never have caught that!
Person Of Interest 3 years ago
DDD was one of the few American series I happened to watch, and that was via Netflix streaming after the fact. Streaming is usually 1-2 seasons behind prime time TV, or at least it used to be. That's rapidly changing too. When I do watch something, it's mostly BBC/PBS productions. I haven't watched prime time TV in over 15 years.
My prime time TV watching trends heavily towards PBS, if I'm going scripted. But this is not because I stream (because I don't), but because the last American sitcom I thought was actually funny was Frasier, and I'm selective about dramas. (I think I watched 1 major network drama last season - Timeless. I watch more dramas on PBS than I do anywhere else.)