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2 years ago
Wow. I've always admired Frankl ... but I will admit never thought long and hard about the advantages he had over others survivors. Thank you for the review.
Wanda's Book Reviews 2 years ago
I would never have thought about it if I hadn't read both books side by side!
charlton 2 years ago
Good choice! As brutal and gut wrenching a read this was.Simply because of what people did to one another...I can't put into words.

But it was an amazing book,even though it dealt with a terrible time in history.
Wanda's Book Reviews 2 years ago
I still have a book by Primo Levi and another by a German woman with the resistance that I hope to fit in during November.
What a timely read. -- "Never again."
Char's Horror Corner 2 years ago
Who would have EVER thought we could possibly be in a situation where neo-nazis were on the rise again?
Wanda's Book Reviews 2 years ago
Isn't that the truth? These books are even more important in these days of "alternate facts."
Yes -- unfortunately. And one can only hope that they'll reach as wide a readership as possible -- even if there will always be a certain group of people who are just deaf to their message.