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This is one of my favorite Christies as well.
Wanda's Book Reviews 9 months ago
A very enjoyable book and a great way to spend an evening. :)
It really is!

Did you ever watch the Miss Marple series starring Joan Hickson? This book's adaptation is one of my favorite entries in that series as well ... on account of both the story and the cast, which includes Sting's wife Trudie Styler as Josie Turner, Gwen Watford as Dolly Bantry, and Andrew Cruickshank as Conway Jefferson (and of course David Horovitch as Inspector Slack).
Wanda's Book Reviews 9 months ago
I have hazy memories of watching these shows way back when. No chance of remembering outcomes, however, so I still get fooled about who dunnit.
... which is just as well, especially since Christie had a tendency to "recycle" certain plot features, only with different connotations, so a red herring in one story might turn out to be a real clue in another, etc.! :)
Wanda's Book Reviews 9 months ago
She wrote so bleeding many books, no wonder she recycled!
Yes ... and most of the time it wasn't between two novels, either, but between a short story and a novel (so she would expand the short story's theme into a novel and switch around the parameters). And I suppose once you've exhausted all the possible culprits, including everybody from the generally least likely person down to the victims and the investigators themselves, there's only one option left to explore as the culprit -- the reader ... and that one was even beyond Dame Agatha!
Wanda's Book Reviews 9 months ago
That makes perfect sense--test drive something as a short story and then use it in a novel. Well, she fools me more often than any other mystery writer!