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BrokenTune 1 year ago
I have tomorrow off work, too, but your plans sound much more exciting than mine (...I'll focus on the housework that's been ... ignored for a bit too long...gaaah!!!).
I cleaned up my kitchen last night in anticipation of tomorrow's adventures. Not only did I feel very virtuous, it was so much nicer to pack my work lunch this morning, not having to work around all those dirty dishes!
BrokenTune 1 year ago
I know, right?! :) My kitchen is ok, but laundry (washed and dried) has piled up in literal piles and in various locations and needs to be put away in drawers etc. because at the moment I am spending far too much time trying to find matching socks for work in different piles. And I guess, a bit of hoovering and dusting would not go amiss either.
I hear you about laundry! The washer in our common laundry room was broken for a couple of weeks and it will take me a while to deal with the build up. The new washer has a much smaller capacity, which does not bode well for all the sheets & towels that I need to launder.
These sound like excellent plans all around -- both the books and the lecture-with-a-friend outing. Enjoy!
Thank you! Perhaps there will be photos next week!
Yes, please!