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Fabulous post (another one)! I'm learning things from your posts that I would absolutely have expected to find in Brusatte's book ... but didn't.
Haha, T-A, I have always maintained that I'm not an aspiring writer--there is no book in me waiting to be told. But I'm starting to think that perhaps I should attempt a non-fiction dinosaur book. Although I do wonder if the world needs another one of those!
I'd say Brusatte's book makes a very good case that (1) clearly there can't possibly be too many dinosaur books in the world, and (2) just as clearly, there is ample space left for *well-written and informative* dinosaur books!
BrokenTune 1 year ago
@Wanda: ^^^ This. And I cannot agree enough that if Brusatte's has proven anything it is exactly that there is a need for more and better books than his, and I have learned more from (and been more interested in) anything that you've written on the topic than Brusatte in a whole book.