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Mike Finn 1 year ago
Welcome to the Terry Pritchett Admiration Society.
This is one of my favourites from an ideas point of view.
Wait until you read his reworking of the Paris Commune im “Night Watch”. It’s a masterclass in politics and compassion and the reality of taking a stand against the powerful and still manages to be humorous
... or you could just join the rest of us and read "Hogfather" ... 'tis the season, after all! (And "Hogfather" is one of the funniest books by Pratchett I've read to date -- rereading it has become an annual tradition.)
Turn The Page 1 year ago
you will love Pratchett...start at the beginning of Discworld. The first several books are laugh out loud funny in some parts...
Thank you all for your encouragement! I have been hoping to start at the beginning of Discworld and 2019 will probably be the year for that. :)
Then why not join the discussion group, too?
Tannat 1 year ago
Indeed! We only just finished book two, and you can always skip the first couple and come back later. Although the third book is the weakest of all of them, in my opinion. :)
I will certainly consider it! Thanks for the invite. :)