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I read this book about 20 years ago when brick-like cell phones were just starting to become available to the general public, so it wasn't as jarring then. Just pretend there was a huge electrical/solar storm so even cell phones wouldn't work - or that the story is taking place in an alternative universe.
Tannat 1 year ago
See, I don't feel that the book is all that dated due to the lack of cellphones, because even with cellphones you can get the same result because people just don't pick up. Or keep their phone on silent. Or only text instead of call, potentially creating confusion, etc. Besides, there are probably huge dead zones among the old buildings anyway (this is what I initially thought when I started the book for the first time, that the university simply hadn't had investments in cellphone infrastructure).
We once stayed in a house (on holida) where one half of the house got cell reception and the other half didn't. None of the neighbours had this problem. It was strange.