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Mike Finn 7 months ago
Back in 1985, sixteen years before "Dead Until Dark", Charlene Harris wrote "A Secret Rage".

It's about rape. It's not an easy read but it is a strong, well-written book.

In 1996 she published "Shakespeare's Landlord" the first of five books set in a small town in Arkansas about how Lily Bard, a gang-rape survivor, slowly rebuilds her life.

Charlene Harris is a rape survivor herself. In 2017, at the age of 65, she took part in THE SURVIVOR STORIES PROJECT 2017 run by the Pixel Project which is dedicated to ending violence against women.

I think you're absolutely right that the Sookie books work because Harris makes no assumptions of safety. One reading of the books is that all about using your strength and your allies and your wits to resist those stronger than you.

I've held off reading the final book. I think I may re-read some in the second half of this year before I head for the finish.

Wanda's Book Reviews 7 months ago
I did not know this about Charlaine Harris! Suddenly many aspects of her fiction make more sense to me now. I've read & enjoyed the Lily Bard series and those books may require another spin now that I realize this.