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So...if the people believe someone has appeared in the Land because the Creator of that Land essentially sent him there, they should...what? Beat him up? And if the bearer of white gold is a person they believe can "save or damn" their world, just how *should* they treat him? Many of the characters aren't happy with Covenant himself, but they set that aside for the greater good.

The funny thing is, Covenant is like you: he hates the way he is treated. Which is part of the whole theme of the series, how he deals with that. And he's ultimately more successful than Troy *because* of how he deals with it, by not abandoning himself to it the way Troy does.
Wanda's Book Reviews 5 years ago
Yes, I actually came to like Covenant an eeny-weeny bit more in this book, because he does hate the way he is unquestioningly treated. And I'm not saying that Troy's way is the way to go.

I guess I'm just not thrilled with the whole scenario and I'm not wild about Donaldson's writing. If I hadn't set myself a goal of reading a certain list of titles, I wouldn't be continuing to read this series. I may let myself off the hook after this one.

I'm glad you enjoyed the series and I wish that I shared your enthusiasm.
Never got past the first book, which I loathed.