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Sigh. Yet another book to be added to my TBR ... :) Great review!

(Just to be clear, is this fiction or nofiction? From your intro I'm concluding fiction -- correct?) If it's fiction, how does it compare with Salgari's "Black Corsair" and with the pirate novels by Rafael Sabatini?
Wesley Britton's blog 5 years ago
It's a novel with an extensive set of non-fiction appendices. I can't answer your other question as I have no idea. And I'm glad you got sparked to read a Samuel Marquis book--he has so many really good novels out there.
Well, it's always exciting to discover a new author! :)
Wesley Britton's blog 5 years ago
Yes it is, and in this case, especially if you like historical novels. The man knows his stuff--
That's great to hear -- I hate badly researched historical fiction!