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Jessica (HDB) 6 years ago
Hahaha I saw this today and cracked up laughing. You go Obama!
When I saw I it, I was like, can I download this STRAIGHT TO MY HEART?!?
6 years ago
Don't forget legalization of medical cannabis, though that's not federal yet.
I did not like their (SCOTUS) unanimous ruling back in May:( Are you talking about your specific state making it legal? The SCOTUS ruling left medical users open to prosecution by federal government.
I've been nervously anticipating the 6 cases of Same-sex marriage, Affordable Health Care Act, Clean air, housing discrimination, congressional district maps, and death penalty lethal injections.
nospin 6 years ago
I love it! Reblogging so I have the pict
I stole it from someone on facebook :) Passing on the awesomeness, love it!