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I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues. Couldn’t get on at all this morning to post a review. It was like the site didn’t exist at all. So annoying. Thank goodness I use Goodreads and my Blog too to keep track of reviews.
WhiskeyintheJar Romance 10 months ago
The last two weeks have been awful. I can usually scroll down for 10 or so posts, commenting is a nightmare, and notifications aren't working if someone comments (didn't get a notification you commented). These maintenance outages don't seem to be working :/
Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
In case you missed it, Booklikes also announced this morning (well, morning my U.S. Eastern time) that they would be doing maintenance tomorrow ( see and you'll know as much as I do).

Remembering those months goodreads was awful and sluggish before their new servers (a couple of years before Amazon buyout) is making me try and hang in there. Plus, booklikes was clearly way overdue for maintenance and some bug fixes and updates.

Lack of notifications is really killing me, though. And I'm not posting like normal because it's not like it will start conversations.
Bark at the Ghouls 10 months ago
Yum, you make the best looking food. Too bad about the hand pie. It looks good though!