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Hol 9 months ago
You eat vegan stuff then? I'm vegetarian with a view to going vegan. This week I ate a lot of carbs!! Pizza, cheese pasta, veggie pot pie, stew and a few other similar things.
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Yum, ... veggie pot pie. :)
Hol 9 months ago
It's one of my favourites I have to say. Do you have it much?
BrokenTune 9 months ago
I haven't made it in ages. Years really. Not sure why. Veggie pot pie, (veggie) shepherd's pie, and baked mac'n'cheese used to be my staples when I was at uni.
I like to make vegan and vegetarian recipes to get a good meal of protein, veggies, and fruits. I don't eat red meat but seafood, turkey, and chicken are on the menu.
Going vegan seems like it could be really challenging, a bit more expensive and finding vegan cheese, butter, and the like is difficult in the area I live. I'm jealous of people who have their own garden, I have a black thumb,lol.
Cheese pasta sounds like a fever dream I could have had, sounds so yummy!
BrokenTune 9 months ago
I love the take on deviled eggs but would agree that the egg/avocado combo could do with some spice. I'd recommend a sprinkling of cayenne - which works so well with both eggs and avocado.
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Oh, and a squirt of lime will keep your avocado green (it would probably stay green also if using mayo as there is a little bit lemon juice or vinegar - something acidic - in the mayo). I would add a squirt of lime tho - because we know it goes well with the avocado...
Cayenne, yes! I'm kind of embarrassed I didn't think of that, it would be the perfect spice to add.
I think I tried that trick with lemon and it sort of kept the avocado from browning, will have to try lime next time.
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Lemon works, too. :)
Bark at the Ghouls 9 months ago
I love vegan chocolate pudding but I've never made this pb version. I'll have to give it a try.
The pb makes it rich but the banana kept it from being to cloying
Toblerone!! Yumm.
I think the mountain shaped peaks make it taste better :)
Murder by Death 9 months ago
I'm trying to figure out if how I could jazz up that cauliflower/turkey shepherd's pie... I love cottage pie (same thing but with beef, not lamb) and this variation looks good!

I made the cheesy chicken jalapeƱo dish this week and I learned a valuable lesson: there IS such a thing as too much lime. Definitely not the recipe's fault, it's totally mine. I usually have all the ingredients out and measured, ready to go before I start (because multi-tasking and I aren't even acquainted), but I was crazy busy the day I made it and I rushed through. This resulted in my forgetting to measure out the lime juice, so I just hurriedly squeezed out three limes directly into the pan. And forgot to add the water. YOWZA! I also forgot to buy more corn, and I only had a tee-tiny can on hand, but this ended up a good thing: I used the corn but also added black beans. I'd definitely do that again - that was delish. Just next time I have to curb my lime enthusiasm. Oh, and get a new pan - my pan has a handle that does NOT like going under the broiler. :P
BrokenTune 9 months ago
I really love these food posts. Not only do we all have different tastes, but it is fun to read about everyone's different approaches to dealing with recipes and to making food in general. :D
Murder by Death 9 months ago
I'm, at best, competent in the kitchen - at worst, I'm ... not quite a health risk, but I have been known to set a fire or two in my day (truth). I usually stick with baking, and then, only when alone in the house so I'm not interrupted and accidentally leave the eggs out (also true).
Murder by Death 9 months ago
Saying that, though, I LOVE these posts, because Whiskey finds some of the best recipes, and even if she didn't, her commentary is worth it every time!
I think a stronger seasoning to cook the meat in would greatly improve this.
The first time I made the cheesy chicken threw a whole bunch of limes wedges in the pan for the chicken to cook with and it made it overly lime-y too. Maybe too much lime first time cooking is a right of passage for making the recipe, lol. Adding black beans sounds awesome and something I'm going to do next time.

I don't go into the kitchen planning to make something unless I have a detailed recipe. I'm amazed and in awe of the people on here who are like "I just add this and that" and are concocting meals on the fly. Amazing!