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We were also hit with a storm, only ours was mostly all ice. There's an inch or so of snow out there but it's fairly crunchy.
Tannat 9 months ago
I may share some pictures of our trees covered in ice. I didn't actually see any snow falling, but I stayed in all weekend because of the weather.
Ice storms can be worse, they always seem to bring the powerlines down :/
Tannat 9 months ago
Oh here's the snow! (It's not sticking around though.)
Ooooh -- spring food to make the feeling of unwanted snow go away! (Well, unwanted by all but one ... nothing like watching a dog enjoying the wet white stuff. Or even just looking at photos! :D )
I think I need the power of a fruity drink with an umbrella in it!
That should do it ... or two of them!
Hol 9 months ago
This weather, huh!?
It is so dumb. At least with the weather getting warmer the snow will melt fairly quickly
Bark at the Ghouls 9 months ago
He looks so thrilled!! I made a triple chocolate Panera cookie knockoff. I think mine tasted better than theirs too :)
I was outside with him for 40mins today and it still wasn't enough for him, he would never come inside if he didn't have to right now. I started drooling at triple chocolate, I need this in my life.
BrokenTune 9 months ago
Lovely. Just lovely. Not that you're having to put up with more snow, but that at least one member of the family is having fun with it. :)

I love the Ranch Wrap idea and will probably try this in some variation for lunch soon.

Re the smoothie, have you tried a combination of orange&raspberries or orange&blueberries? I find it brings out the orange better. I do like strawberries, too, but totally agree that they tend to overpower other flavours.
I'm not the biggest fan of raspberries, I can do them in smaller quantities, definitely have down oranges and blueberries, so good and mango too!
Debbie's Spurts 9 months ago
Yesterday, I was considering turning on the A/C. Today, there's a freeze alert and I'm watching strong snow fall interspersed with freezing sleet. Spring?

I made storebought frozen pizza.
Thinking about A/C and then seeing snow moments deserves nothing but frozen pizza.
We had fresh strawberry shortcake yesterday after picking them at a local berry picking farm. I wish you spring weather soon
I love strawberry shortcake, the sponge-y cake, strawberries, and cool whip just make me happy. I feel totally bitter though that you were able to pick them fresh while I'm trudging through my yard up to my knees in snow
Murder by Death 9 months ago
I can't even torture you with nice weather stories from here in opposite land; it rained all weekend and was cold enough for us to turn on the heat. I am despondent.
I'm so bitter right now about the snow this made me evil laugh .
Murder by Death 9 months ago
evil laughs are better than no laughs at all. ;)
Person Of Interest 9 months ago
He looks like he's having a blast!

The hubby and his sister are headed to Kauai in a couple of weeks to visit family and we just heard it's flooding there. Hanalei Bay got 28 inches of rain in 24 hours which is a record; their annual rainfall is 77 inches. They're going to need a lot more umbrellas in those tropical drinks!
Holy cow! Poppy weather on vacation is always a stressor for me. Better buy the biggest and baddest umbrella to protect the drinks.