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My grandmother remembered the Spanish Flu - they - herself and her parents - all had it, though luckily none of them died. (Neighbors did, though.)
These things are never as far in the past as we think, thank you so much for sharing. All of them getting it, doesn't seems as crazy as all surviving. A can't imagine a whole household being sick, who takes care of who?!
I've never come even close (chicken pox went around my school one year) to a widespread dangerous sickness like this, I can't imagine the toll.
It's horrible to think about, isn't it? I've been in a household where everyone was sick - the "least sick" ends up doing as much as they can, and other things just don't get done. (We all had the Hong Kong flu in '68, which I remember very vaguely. My father was the "least sick.")
Murder by Death 4 years ago
I found the governmental censorship fascinating, because even after all this time, if you'd have asked me about Spanish flu, I'd have said it was a European illness that killed almost as many as WWI. Not because of the Spanish in the name, but because I'd never heard of it being a problem in the US. That's some effective censorship; what a disaster that must have been.