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Murder by Death 3 months ago
Thank you for including this quote:
A charismatic demagogue was elevated and trusted because he was captivating and because researching facts, as well as listening to dull doctors who have done their homework, is hard and time-consuming.

That quote, to me, sums up exactly who should - really NEEDS to - read this book. So many people think the thinking is too hard. They need to read this book.

I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts on a chapter by chapter basis. I hope you'll join us for other Flat Book reads, it's been fun! :)
Her focus on needing good leaders in time of crisis was hitting hard. Critical thinking is so very important and so very ignored.
Thanks so much for letting me jump in and I hope to have time to join another one! Discussion while reading is my favorite :)
Ani's Book Abyss 3 months ago
Very nice last update and summary. Even though I didn't really care for this book, I agree with you that it will definitely have it's own set of readers who will find it interesting. Very much enjoyed following all your updates.
Thanks and enjoyed reading your thoughts and discussions with you :)
Sarcasm and how much you were already in the know about these diseases seemed to be two of the stronger dividers on this one.