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Murder by Death 3 months ago
Have you ever read Phyllis Whitney? Specifically, Window on the Square? If not, you should. (Look at me being all confident - this won't end well.) It's wonderfully mid-century gothic with weird and super-creepy dynamics and great story telling.

Ok, that's me done for book recommendations for ... at least another year, I think. :D
Ooh, thanks for the rec, I haven’t read it but putting on the! Reading is so subjective that I never mind if a rec goes south but feel the “What if they don’t like it?!?!?” nerves from the other side too.
Murder by Death 3 months ago
I hope you like it - Moonlight Reader enjoyed it too so I felt more confident making the rec (safety in numbers and all that). :D
Obsidian Blue 3 months ago
A jaguar? That’s kind of crazy
It didn’t even kill anyone, just “screamed” once and slinked around two other times. Waste of a Jaguar, I tell ya.
Obsidian Blue 3 months ago
Yeah you think it would attack someone!
A jaguar is less far fetched than a castle in the bayou. Who chose that cover? How many pages was this?
I specifically picked to use that cover because a woman running away from a dark castle or home is pure Gothic for me, lol. The more wackadoodle in a Gothic, the happier I am and a castle in the bayou is pure wackadoodle-ness. But yeah, the actual person paid to create the cover probably was riding high that work day.
It was pretty short, I'd guess mid to low 100pgs. Jennifer Blake is an author that regularly lists her books for free for a limited time on Amazon, I got this one for free in a Gothic bundle of hers. If you keep your eyes out, you too can be disappointed in a pretty sedate jaguar appearance!
LOL! I may already have it then.