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For all practical purposes this is the first "real" Witches book ("Equal Rites" is a very early prequel, but of all the series' witches it only features Granny), so this is the perfect book to start again into Discworld with. (It's also one of the best books in the entire series.)
Ahh, thanks, that is why I don't remember these otherwise very memorable characters.
:) They're a scream, aren't they?
Portable Magic 2 years ago
I'm with Granny. Making sure people know you're a witch has got to be an important part of the head-ology.
Right?!? Why even bother otherwise :)
I'm trying to remember if I read this one or not. Maybe? I once commented to my daughter that I saw myself as more of a Nanny Ogg. she looked at me seriously for a minute, then said "I can see that". Not sure if that's good or bad. LMAO!
Nanny is said to have a fairly cheerful outlook of the world, so not bad :)