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Ani's Book Abyss 2 months ago
Amen about authors portraying a heroine as independent and fierce, only to end up making them more TSTL. I get tired of that, too. There are better ways to make a heroine strong, and making her stubborn about "not being bossed around" is stupid in light of needing professional protection from a dangerous killer. You can be strong by being smart and accepting help when it is needed--you don't have to be independent and do everything by yourself just to prove a point.
Yes, thank you! If people have a superior skill-set to mine and it involves saving my butt, by all means use your superior skill-set to my advantage.
Obsidian Blue 2 months ago
No thank you. Ugh sounds awful.
Could just tell the whole thing was rushed and some stuff definitely hit my "Not Today" button.