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Obsidian Blue 2 months ago
Ugh no thanks! That’s definitely assault!
I used to be excited about randomly grabbing books from my garage sale boxes, now there is a twinge of defeat at what I could be reading.
Obsidian Blue 2 months ago
I stopped reading older romance books. Too many issues.
Jessica (HDB) 2 months ago
Uggghhhh. Just, no. Isn't it crazy how our perceptions of things change over time?
BrokenTune 2 months ago
Eww. That sounds horrible.
Murder by Death 2 months ago
Ok, I'll be a tiny, minor voice of dissent and say (hear me out - it's a tiny dissent) that the first scene, while I didn't find it at all attractive, didn't scream assault to me because I'm presuming he didn't actually 'haul her up by her hair'; I've been hauled up by my hair before (non sexual) and you lose a lot of hair and your scalp bleeds. Very un-sexy and there's screaming involved of the also un-sexy kind.

BUT ... the premise just sounds awful. Who thinks being held captive is NOT sexual predation? His whole attitude is decidedly unattractive. But then, I don't find revenge sexy, and really when you think about it, true revenge is about dehumanising someone and making them suffer. Finding that sexy is sick.
I guess I took it more literal without thinking of the actual physical probability, maybe I'm too used to going with the flow with fiction books and taking things at face value. I think the author's intent behind writing/showing that scene was to show the hero physically controlling the heroine, it comes off as violent, especially with his "shoved his angry face towards hers", and why I called it assault. If I read it with more of focus on the author wanting you to feel the emotions instead of the physical action, which could be physically impossible, then I would lean more towards emotionally abusive action.

Either way, yeah, un-sexy to the max.
Rachel's books 2 months ago
It's so amazing how we change. As a general rule, I stay away from older romances. (By "older" I mean 80s, early to mid 90s).
JoRead 2 months ago
Some of those OSRBC (Old school romance book club) are just awful. But I'm ever so glad that we are learning and what we use to consider acceptable we now consider abhorrent.