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Hooray!!! Congratulations!
Thank you!
Obsidian Blue 4 months ago
LOL! Is this your first one? Let me know and will add you to the list.
My first!
Obsidian Blue 4 months ago
Okay adding you now! Sorry! I checked back in and saw I had 50 notifications LOL
No worries, the ! is just my excitement.
And now I've probably added to your notifications bundle with a somewhat useless comment.
Hope you enjoyed this book as much as I did.
I think I ended up liking even more than the first. It seemed a little slowed down but I like how we delved into the characters more and how we got to get some depth from the Sultan, villains who get layers always make the story more balanced for me.
I was disappointed in the lack of Jin and Amani action, though
Third one will make up for that.
Your comment is like throwing gasoline on my want to read right now fire