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Jenny Schwartz 7 years ago
Some romances really do deal with the tough stuff. And do so effectively.

Great review
This is probably heavier than what most would like, but effective is definitely the right word for it.
Thank you!
Love your review of a wonderful book and series. (And I love the name of your blog.) :-)
This series is probably going to end up being in my top ten and possibly top five favorite of all time.
Haha, thanks. I've always felt a little '70s music with Irish roots is good for the soul :)
The More I Read. . . 7 years ago
I've read this author in the past but stopped for various reasons. I may try this one, however, because your review has intrigued me. Thanks for the review.
Your welcome! I read the first two books in her MacGregor series and wasn't really a fan, only rated them 2stars, so I would definitely say give this series a chance :)