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Where do you guys keep finding these things?! *dies laughing*
JennyJen 8 years ago
Brandi found this one. She insisted. I couldn't resist, because I just had to see how it would play out.
Howdy YAL! 8 years ago
I hope it didn't get too hot between the two of them. Would be a shame if he melted away. God, now that Xmas special is ruined for me.
JennyJen 8 years ago
It's noted in the story that his snow cock is so frikkin huge that it makes no difference that it's melting away as they go at it.
WTF? Did I see that cover right? Seasonal porn???
Sandi 8 years ago
This is so ridiculous that I had to look it up, (I'm a sucker for the ridiculous!). It's 13 pages for $1.00, I love it. Does Grim know about this, it's not DinoPorn, but she might find it interesting!
JennyJen 8 years ago