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Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
I've been toying going on to second book for a while solely (I liked book one just fine but not blown away and copy/federal-agent-y/crime/vigilante/bounty-hunter or whatever this is not my cup of tea) because so many rave about this series and the Cat/Bones romance; then hesitate as reviews of each new book popup and seems even less likely I would like the story or that their really is a big romance being featured well.
1st Avenue 5 years ago
In that case, you would hate the next two books because they are very FBI/X-File centric. Cat goes from backwoods vampire hunter to leader of her own vampire black-ops team, and she just *loves* her work. As for her team, they are the cardboard side characters I mentioned above.
Thanks, 1st. I'm surely in your camp. Sounds like I'll hate the series. I might still try the first.
1st Avenue 5 years ago
I think you'd hate it too. What still bothers me is the rapid "descent into madness" tone taking over books #2 and #3. Almost everything about this world is believable (to a point) until the MC is given her own team of men in black to hunt bad vampires. I just couldn't buy into it anymore.