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Looks interesting, but a plastic bag over the baby's head? We've been warned forever about how that is a bad thing! In all seriousness though, if it works, that's awesome. I had complications with both of my births, and both of my boys stopped breathing for a short time.
I couldn't begin to imagine how scary that must have been. I guess by encompassing the baby's head in plastic and then inflating it, it distributes pressure equally around the head rather then only 2 points, like forceps.
Most likely. I'm sure it's less stressful on the head, being as delicate as baby's heads are.
"“But first, this problem needed someone like Jorge,” he said. “An obstetrician would have tried to improve the forceps or the vacuum extractor, but obstructed labor needed a mechanic." That's pretty wild and awesome. I've read horror stories about the effects of forceps.
Auto mechanics are an ingenuitive bunch, because the way we are paid we're always looking for better, faster ways to get the job done. From the sounds of it this device could make a huge difference in poorer countries that can't get people to the hospital right away.