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I'm now in a rabbit hole of GamerGate. This day is going to be depressing...
Kitty Horror 7 years ago
I've spent some of my day looking at Vox Days blog, and now this. I need to bleach my brain. :(
Kitty Horror 7 years ago
I'm disgusted so many people on FB think this is okay.
I'm disgusted in general.
Linda Hilton 7 years ago
I agree with the DIG attitude. :-( Human beings can be so . . . inhumane.
Just another reason I don't dig the meatbags.
@KH, I've only looked at VD's blog one time. I can't stomach the thought of going back.
Kitty Horror 7 years ago
I can't believe he can write so much disgusting trash, worse is that people actually agree with him. :(
nospin 7 years ago
Given the comments made by some of the People of the Page, this is akin to putting a bounty on us for just disagreeing with her.
Linda Hilton 7 years ago
You just put it exactly correct, in a most frightening way. "Putting a bounty" is it precisely.
Thank you Nospin. In my opinion this needs to go viral.

Since in the comments she specifically (again) references the "bullies" on the Amazon forums I'm also going to be contacting Amazon to bring this to their attention. I encourage others to do the same.

I know they can't do anything regarding what she says on her FB page, but I very much DO believe they need to be advised of what she's saying and how it is, at least in part, a veiled (or not so veiled) threat against posters on the Amazon boards.
There are SO many problems with this, and I may get my thoughts out in a more coherent fashion later.

First of all is the presumption that someone really is a "bully' simply because a person decides they are. People who think this is ok set themselves up as judge and jury, and we all know of MANY cases where the person accused of being a "bully' was actually the victim of harassment who dared to stand up for themselves, or for others.

Secondly it exposes the person to any risk and danger they may already be protecting themselves from by stalkers and abusers looking to locate them online and in real life.

It exposes the person to harassment, stalking, attacks, at their jobs, places they frequent, their own homes, puts their families at risk also from EVERYONE WITH ACCESS TO THE INTERNET, which everyone with a brain has to admit includes nefarious and unscrupulous people.

And the list goes on about why this is VERY VERY wrong and VERY VERY dangerous.
ginmar 7 years ago
Well, then too, the underlying motivation is to punish those Bitchy bitches for not being sweet and coy and simpering. Fuck that shit. Anne Rice is the biggest bully in town, and she's the biggest scaredy cat, too.
Wait, if they're supposed to be punishing spiteful people, wouldn't she be the first name on that list?
I agree with you completely Ginmar.
ginmar 7 years ago
If she wasn't such a fucking hypocrite.
TezMillerOz 7 years ago
I don't think A.R. knows what "punching down" means. (Presuming she sees authors as victims, rather than the perpetrators.)