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isanythingopen 5 years ago
So, she thinks because the Top Reviewer Forum is gone, no one will give crappy books less than 4-5 star reviews? No one will ever say again this author is an asshole?
LOL Is. Apparently she thinks those speaking out about author shenanigans and those posting honest negative reviews no longer have a place to "gather" and discuss things with like minded consumers. As we are aware, that is definitely not the case.

She also seems completely unaware that many of the people she's talking about have already been on Goodreads for years.

I find this entire rant pretty humorous, and definitely revealing as to her attitudes about readers who have the audacity to share opinions that displease her.
Also humorous, to me, is the fact that AR doesn't have a presence on GR. I suspect she knows this sort of thing wouldn't really fly over there. ;)
isanythingopen 5 years ago
The woman really is clueless when it comes to readers.
Oh, she's definitely clueless when it comes to readers. She's also clueless about consumers. And a whole lot of other things :)
And authors continue their quest to bully reviewers away from honest opinions, it seems.
Yup, and AR is their hero, role model and queen.
Bless her heart. She really is clueless isn't she? Somehow I don't think I'm on her friends list. I still treasure the time she called me vicious, vulgar and spiteful.
The really sad thing is she's got newbie writers who listen to her, have them scared and terrified of the roving bands of meanies out to destroy their dreams for kicks, afraid to use GoodReads, and taught book consumers should think about what benefits the *author* and being *pro-author*, rather than pro-consumer (which also benefits reasonable and genuine authors).

Her victims aren't just readers that she targets, or that she demonizes in generalities.
Angela 5 years ago
I don't think, even were she on GR, she would behave any better and the results would likely be the same as on Amazon. But with her FB statement, she can make herself, in her eyes and those of her fan poodles, look like survivor of savage out for authors circles (I believe she attacks not only on fora but anywhere where she can write her unsolicited opinion), sort of: "despite all the attacks on her, the great Anne Rice published her xteenth bestseller".
I agree with you Angela, and I suspect that's one reason she's never been on GR. And yeah, she wants to look like the champion of her fellow authors, big enough to withstand the hits to stand up for the little guys who aren't big enough authors to be able to risk it for themselves. Puke.