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Linda Hilton 5 years ago
Nothing wrong with a DNF. Sometimes books just don't work.
Yup. I used to never DNF, but I got over that years ago. Especially with the self-pubbed stuff. This one is more mediocre than total garbage, but it is a bit of a mess.
5 years ago
Good for you for not finishing. Life is too short!
I hope your next read is better.
Thanks Char! This one has a bunch of glowing reviews, so I think I've done my part to point out it's not quite that good :D I literally had highlights of issues on every page, and my review could have been much longer pointing them out. Ugh.

And I'm not even that picky of a reader.
5 years ago
I totally agree about some Fantasy readers not being fans of Romance.
I also think you're right about the lists being gamed. :(
Thanks Char! I'm all for Romancey Fantasy for those that like them, but there should be more for those of us who don't too!

Checking the Listopia votes, this book was added to dozens of lists (claiming conflicting genres) by the same small group of people. It's pretty clear they're either friends of the author, or really uber-fans. They succeeded in not only making it look very suspicious, but turning it into a really confusing mess for people (like I was) trying to figure out what kind of genre/book this was.