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Oh, dear God. It never stops, does it?
It's a well traveled road. But this (if my suspicions are correct) is from a brand-new published author, so she wouldn't be aware this isn't anything new LOL She's trade-pubbed though, that's a bit unusual.
Well, we can only hope this will go the way of its predecessors ...
Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
Bwahahaha! Yep, do this and readers will leave in droves. See how that works out for ya!
LOL really. GR wouldn't do authors much good without readers, would it? But we know this isn't gonna do anything. All the stuff about harassment (actual personal attacks) is already there. Hiding spoilers in reviews is already a thing (and GR will do it if a review is flagged). This person just is so new they don't even understand basic GR TOS. She could probably have 1/2 the negative reviews removed for TOS violations if she'd bother to flag them, because many are complaints about her behavior. The rest is just laughable.
Sometimes I'm so glad I can't even join GR again...

What incident triggered this?
The reviewer in question just posted a link to a conversation she's having on Twitter about this with "AuthorsRiseUp"

and further convo:
isanythingopen 6 years ago
Is the author channeling Ms. Rice?

eta: She has changed the petition:

We give up. Respect is all I want. Words can hurt. Words can kill.
LOL I had the same thought when I read the petition. And yeah, she changed the petition. IMO her cryptic message is simply an escalation on the original attempt to manipulate and intimidate.

If she's smart she won't leave that up long, it could easily be misinterpreted and get her in a bunch of hot water.
isanythingopen 6 years ago
I didn't read it as a death threat, but as an accusation that critical reviews are severe bullying that lead to suicide. It comes across as manipulation and hysteria.
She needs help.
Or perspective.
Agreed. I'm simply saying one *could* read it that way, particularly if one hadn't seen previous comments by the same source that are now deleted (the Twitter comments).

I don't read it that way, and no one commenting on it on GR has either. Just saying, it's not a smart thing to leave up floating on the internet.
Help. She needs help. The author who started that petition used her real name. Do some simple research and you'll see that she's had issues with being bullied - not the stuff authors usually talk about, with bad reviews, but real bullying - and sducidal ideation. This is not me diagnosing her: she talks about it on her blog.
It's been bugging me. I don't think the author DID start that petition. Look at who it says started it, google Kate Forster, author, goodreads. I did, and ended up on her blog that has posts that are tagged 'suicide'. She talks about bullying at work - actual bullying, not a negative review - and her suicidal ideation.

I don't think that was an idle threat, but more of a worry of what someone else might do based on her own experiences.

I understand why she started that petition and then backed off, even if I don't agree with the decisions she made.
isanythingopen 6 years ago
Looks a bit like it's possible the petition and the whiner may have been coincidental.
I wonder what induced Kate to write it.
My suspicion is her experience of actual bullying her has made her hyper vigilant.
Kate Forster did not start that petition, she simply commented on it. The person who started the petition used the name AuthorsRiseUp (you could see that see that at the top of the petition prior to it's editing, where it now says "No One").

Kate Forster is a fellow Aussie author. who took an interest in the situation (same as a lot of people). She actually posted a couple times to the comment thread of the offending review and was fairly nice, although wanted "both sides" to "calm down".

Unfortunately she then deleted her comments, but you can see responses to them in that thread.

Kate stated on that GR thread she was having a private convo with the reviewer, and was trying to contact the author to talk to her. You can see on her comments on the petition she's trying to find out who it was who started the petition. ("Who started this?", "Can you tell me who you are?") She's asking who started it. She did not. The "name" of the person who started the petition displays at the top. It had shown "AuthorsRiseUp" there, after the edit it now shows "No One".

I wasn't sure AuthorsRiseUp was this author either, but now I feel pretty sure it was, due to a conversation AuthorsRiseUp had with the reviewer in question on Twitter.

Unfortunately, AuthorsRiseUp deleted her Twitter account soon after, and those comments are now gone, but prior to that the second link I posted to Twitter would have shown what I'm talking about. Where AuthorsRiseUp said something to the effect that she would delete this Twitter account and this reviewer could keep bashing her. Not total proof, but it nailed it for me.

At one point prior to that AuthorsRiseUp had been claiming to be a book blogger, but you can see in the original text of the petition it's clear whoever AuthorsRiseUp is they're claiming to be an author there, using "we", "us" and "our" regarding authors and their careers. So, AuthorsRiseUp is someone who isn't very good at keeping their hidden identity straight, and in the end of the convo on Twitter slipped up and pretty much gave it away.
Ah. Okay. Sorry. My mistake.

I read many of the AuthorsRiseUp twitter posts.

ETA: possible ARU was a book blogger and author? And maybe just used that one identity to try and create sympathy?
Like I said, ARU pretty much outted herself as this author when she ended up using personal pronouns regarding what was going on ("bash me"). Now, I completely and totally respect honest skepticism when there isn't 100% proof, so that's fine. I always try to avoid leaping to unproven assumptions and accusations too.

But I don't see any real reason to think this was anyone else.
It does seem like that is the case.

Le sigh. I was hoping for better. My wish for people to be better always me to make these kinds of excuses, but le sigh.
I know. I feel ya. She was actually playing it pretty smart, staying out of it after the blow up. It's really unfortunate she didn't just apologize at that point, I think 90% of the bad stuff probably would have gone away if she had.

But her perspective seems skewed, and she's not looking at the whole picture. So, IMO, she wanted it all to disappear - probably including the original review - and that wasn't ever gonna happen. That ship had sailed.
isanythingopen 6 years ago
Oh. That's her (Kate) question on the petition, not as the author. Well, never mind then.
I made a mistake and was disgusted enough by this happening again and again that I jumped the gun. But Forster is involved at this point, and it just gets weirder and weirder.
isanythingopen 6 years ago
I haven't been feeling my best or I would have caught it sooner as well. The whole situation is kind of weird, though the author pitching a fit seemed to follow the usual course.