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isanythingopen 5 years ago
And this is why my Kindle tbr is a mountain that will never become a molehill. Shiny!
I know! I've been making myself go through mine, and I've actually found some books I really like, and a few series I want to continue - like this one. I snagged the first one when it was $.99, and this one is $3.99, so I don't think I'm doing so bad :D

But yeah, I need to still do ALOT more reading of what I've already got.
isanythingopen 5 years ago
Last year I challenged myself to do the Mt. TBR challenge to try make the pile smaller.
I did pretty good, cleared 172 from the backlog without getting too distracted. heh
Barely a dent. sigh
Wow 172 is good though! I've been making myself read through what I've got, but I've also been keeping an eagle eye on sales, so I've been picking up a lot too. Some of those are freebies though, or books I've already read.

The really rewarding part is finding books in that pile that I really enjoyed, and had just been sitting there. Even the few duds I've found is good, cuz I can DNF and take them off the "to read" list.