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Linda Hilton 5 years ago
Ms Lewis writes Star Wars fan-non-fic and Sherlock Holmes fan fic, the latter with an apparently strong Roman Catholic flavor.
Catholic Sherlock Holmes? Ugh. Well, I suppose there may be a niche market for just about anything.
This whole thing could be a lesson in internet safety and functioning online as a published author. #Thisiswhypeoplepostonlineunderpseudonyms

Since Ms. Vidal is actually using a pseudonym to publish the *smart* thing for her to do is to whine and spew about it privately, and keep it out of the public eye, and definitely not on the pages she's set up for her author pseudonym.

But her stupidity apparently knows no bounds.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
*sigh* if the review hadn't been about the book and instead was just attacking her personally, then the author had a case for asking goodreads to remove the review. If review had made threats of violence (or such threats had been posted in comments, on social media, in messages or emails author could point to ...), yup, she was justified saying that although she should have started with the cops and websites involved rather than go vigilante to contact employer herself ahead/instead of cops. That's not what happened; she began harassing the reviewers and it got bad enough even goodreads acted to remove her.

"...amused when their peer *actively* tries to destroy an author's reputation and minuscule livelihood, regardless of whether she deserves it or not, ..." unh nuh. They are not being amused by someone attacking an author or trying to destroy an author's rep and livelihood. They are being amused by this author's reaction to a single review of her book.
You nailed it, Debbie.
I'm also starting to wonder if perhaps either of these women have reviewed the other's book(s) on Amazon. Quite obviously they are friends.
Blech. Blerg. Yuk.

Way to go to blow not one but *two* [practically non-existing] authors' careers to smithereens.
"So it goes." 5 years ago
This is SO much better than a soap opera. I spent a whole day last week reading that saga. I can't do it today. I won't do it today! (I'll probably do it today.)

OTOH, I'm about to give a 1-star review, and I'm a bit afraid of doing that now, which means these b*tches have accomplished something. I'm still doing it, but it's made me think more than I'd like.
Debbie's Spurts 5 years ago
Do keep in mind that in booklikes, you can do ½ star reviews.