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It's beginning to sound almost too good to be true that she should be shutting up, but here's hoping ...
Agreed. And the few fans that tend to attack reviews have stopped for now. I am still displeased with her targeting blog post - as long as that remains up I'll see it as a problem. But at least, for right now, she's not adding fuel to the fire.

And at least she gets very little notice for her little attacks in any positive way.

The thing is, I think, continuing on her blog and FB page just makes her look more and more whiny. Because no one is attacking her, and for the most part the stuff she complains about is not recent. Yeah, she got kicked off GR, but how many times could she keep complaining about that over and over and not be tiresome even to her fans?

Anyway, if anything new worth mentioning occurs I'll keep you guys posted.